Saturday, 30 January 2010

Pretty, exciting things

It was an exciting start to the day when my son, who is a paper boy, brought home our copy of the Daily vintage embroidery handbag mirrors that I am selling via are featured on page 19 of the Telegraph Magazine! I still cannot quite believe it! The orders have been flooding in! Some of these mirrors have been quietly waiting to be bought for a couple of months or so...the power of the press is amazing!
As I have rushed about in my work area (also my dining room, office and library!) today sorting orders and making more mirrors, I have caught the gorgeous scent of this pretty, creamy white hyacinth as it emerges. It was given to me by W (aged 4, who lives next door) as a birthday present and I love it!
All in all, a pretty, exciting day!
Back soon,


  1. Congratulations, I'm really pleased for you, although it probably means lots more work for you! I'm sure publicity and marketing is everything, it's such a hard thing to do though - how great that the telegraph featured you. xx

  2. I saw the telegraph today but did not know the mirrors were yours!
    well done hope you sell loads!

  3. I saw the article today - well done, hope you get lots and lots more orders. I love my felt corsages and the applique pictures you created.
    Carol xx

  4. wow that is so brilliant! really well done you, oh and happy birthday too!

    Sarah x

  5. Well done on the article - those mirrors look gorgeous!

  6. Hiya - just wanted to let you know I've nominated you for the sunshine blog award...

  7. I saw those in the mag and didn't even realise they were yours. Shame on me! But congrats hope you got lots of lovely enquiries/orders