Saturday, 16 January 2010

A Returned Gift

We had sent Auntie Sylvia a neatly potted amaryllis bulb, boxed and well-packaged, on the 18th December. As I saw the postman walking towards the front door, I recognised the parcel in his hands...Auntie Sylvia's Christmas present had been returned!

It was not that Auntie Sylvia had been disappointed with our choice of gift - the parcel never even reached her on the South Coast because it had, somehow, lost its address label! I always tape over self adhesive address labels to avoid this kind of thing, so I cannot understand what happened, but I am so glad that my address, as the sender of the parcel, was still firmly attached, meaning that it found its way back here!

Unfortunately, whatever had happened to the parcel on its travels up and down the country meant that the amaryllis was no longer neatly potted, the soil having found its way out of all the packaging, and the poor, water-deprived bulb had started to grow! Just look at its pale, white shoots!

We are going to choose another gift for Auntie Sylvia - the amaryllis will be convalescing here in Yorkshire, rather than on the South Coast! I am hoping it will make a full recovery!

Back soon,



  1. I'm sure you will give it lots of TLC to help it recover from its long journey round the country. Obviously it prefers to live in Yorkshire!

  2. I love amaryllis - I used to grow them in school with my infants class because they grow almost a centimetre a day and we could measure it and make a little graph. The children also loved to paint those glorious blooms!

  3. What an adventure for the poor amaryllis! I hope you coax it into bloom with a little TLC! Also I hope Auntie Sylvia wasn't offended when no gift arrived at Christmas!

    I'd like to award your blog a Sunshine Award if that's OK, because I love to read it! The details are over on my blog.

  4. Love the hearts I will try and have a go at making one.

  5. Well done for surviving lady amarylis and look out Auntie something is winging its way to you soon!
    I cant wiat to see amarylis when she is up and out!

    Sarah x

  6. What a trip!

    BTW I've nominated you for a Sunshine Award. You can see the details here