Sunday, 3 January 2010

We've been having a rather lazy Sunday, making the most of the last day of the holidays, with breakfast at 11 o'clock - scrummy smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. This afternoon I ventured no further than the back garden to top up the bird table...

and then I had a little walk around. Despite bright sunshine, the temperature has hovered around 0 degrees all day...
leaving gorgeous frost patterns and icy droplets on the broccoli.

I love the rich, russet stems of the philadelphus against the green conifer and blue sky.

There are signs of life as the daffodils begin to push their way through the solid ground.

I was being followed as I wandered around...

and, just as I was about the take the 'Christmas card' photo of the robin on the holly, he popped through the trellis and onto next door's bird table!

Back in the warm, the mission to return the house to normal mode continues - all the boxes are down from the loft and piles of Christmassy things wait to be packed away for another year.
I've made a start on the ironing that had begun to take over a corner of the kitchen. As I ironed...and ironed...and ironed a little more, I was able to look out onto the garden and watch the birds visit the freshly stocked bird table and drink from and splash around in the bird baths that I had defrosted.
The ironing's not over yet...but Christmas is definitely over for another year in this house - hubby's just poured the last of the sherry and turkey curry bubbles away on the stove as I type!
Back soon,



  1. I think our house looks bare with no decorations!
    Love the photos of the robin, they are cheeky!

  2. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos, I especially love the Robin pics.

    Hope the curry was good! Love a good curry me :-)

    Happy New Year! x

  3. Oh I love that little bird! Nice pics.

  4. Fabulous photos...especially of the Robin!

  5. I have also been trying to take next years xmas card photo, with no sucess...I love robins

  6. Hi Rebecca,

    Happy New Year! I love your robin! I love all robins! the ironing situation is critical here down the lane too!

    Sarah x