Wednesday, 27 January 2010

My Lovely Neighbour B

I know I said I would be more organised and that I would blog more regularly, but all those good intentions were swiftly overtaken by last week's events. On Thursday I found my lovely neighbour B collapsed on her kitchen floor.

I have to say that I am not usually very good in a crisis as I tend to panic and cry...I'm not really sure what happened to me that afternoon, but I really surprised myself! Poor B had a nasty cut on her head and the side of her face was all swollen and purple. There was a lot of blood, B was vomiting and choking due to the bad chest that she suffers from and, despite her injuries, she kept trying to get up, while I struggled to keep her on side, hold a cloth over her head wound and follow instructions from the lady on the receiving end of my 999 call.

B is still hospital. Miraculously, she has no broken bones, despite falling onto a stone floor (good going for a lady who's just turned 70), but has a nasty cut above her eye and bruises that are working their way through the colour spectrum! She's undergoing various tests to try and establish what caused her to fall - B doesn't remember anything of what happened, which, in some ways, is a good thing. She is in good spirits, but missing her two pussy cats very much indeed!

I have visited B in hospital each day, taking her the things that she needs from home, offering reassurance about the well-being of these two much-loved moggies...

and, generally, keeping her company during the long days that stretch ahead of anyone in hospital.

I just did what I had to do last Thursday afternoon and I didn't panic and cry. It was only when my husband said "you realise you probably saved B's life" that a tear rolled down my cheek.
Back soon,


  1. That is very sweet of you and I agree with your husband. Well done for being a strong and supportive friend to your neighbour.

  2. I too tend to panic and cry whenever there is anything amiss and badly wish for a grown-up to appear (I always feel as if I'm about ten years old trapped inside a much older body!) so I can only admire your ability to remain calm and look after your neighbour so well. I'm sure she is so grateful for all your support and I do hope she feels better soon. xx

  3. A tear in my eye too - well done you! Hope your neighbour is soon on the mend and back with her cats and her neighbour in a million!!

  4. Your poor neighbour. I hope she is on the mend soon. You have been a wonderful friend by helping her.
    I fell over in my kitchen at Christmas...but it was my own silly fault. Nevertheless, it shook me up . I was carrying a jug of gravy, which went everywhere!!! ;-)

  5. Well done you! I am sure she is so grateful you found her, helped her and are now taking the time to visit her and look after her two cats.

  6. Well done Rebecca. I am sure it will help B's recovery knowing you are looking after her cats and taking time to visit her.
    She is lucky to have a loving, caring neighbour like you. Yes, your OH is right, you did save a life.
    Carol xx

  7. Oh I do hope that your neighbour will be feeling better soon and they discover why she lucky she was to have such a good neighbour...somone was watching over her last thursday....