Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Back to normal...or so I thought!

The decorations are down and the house looks so bare! This beautiful poinsettia is all the remains of the festivities.

I've never managed to keep a poinsettia alive from one Christmas to the next - how do you do it?

Back to school, back to work - everything would return to normal today after a very enjoyable festive break...or so I thought!

It started snowing at around 7am...and snowed...and snowed.....

I just love the way the snow has piled up on the garden table!

The bird table, looking more festive than Sunday's photo, and providing a much needed pitstop for these birds that scattered to the trees.

The children's school closed at around 11 o'clock and hubby made back home at about 12 o'clock, having spent 5 hours in the car!
We went for a walk in the snow this afternoon and everywhere looks so pretty, especially the trees.
The house might look bare, but things are looking very festive outside...and it's still snowing so I guess getting back to normal will have to wait!
Back soon,


  1. Beautiful pictures, Rebecca!!

  2. Love all your snowy pics, glad everyone got home safely. Have been catching up with your posts. I'll have to get back to my crochet, you're brooches are so inspiring.

  3. Looks like you have a winter wonderlad too.

  4. Sounds like us, we couldn't resist going for a walk either, it looks so pretty-as long as you don't HAVE to go out in it!

  5. Oh I thought a ponsietta was just for Christmas, tee hee!

    They dont seem to look right once all the Christmas finery is removed.

    Snow coming my way tonight!

    Sarah x

  6. Oh, I love those buttons next to this comment box. About the ponsettia - I used to keep them ALIVE in the UK, but it almost wasn't worth it, because they stayed green and never turned red at Christmas - sometimes at Easter, perhaps. They have to be forced to go red in December, with special lighting times. Here in France they die on me every January - I can't decide if I've lost my touch or if they just aren't suited to our climate.

    Happy New Year!

  7. the snow has transformed everywhere, unfortunately no snow days for us...grrrr, but a very pretty (and long) journey to and from work....