Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Look what arrived with the weekend's paper...

My lovely neighbour, B, always pops the weekend's Yorkshire Post through our letter box when she has finished with it so that we can take a look and then I can use it to cover tables when I'm running children's art and craft workshops. This morning it arrived with this lovely bundle - a large piece of pretty, floral cotton tana lawn fabric and some bright, flowery, silky remnants!

Quite often the paper arrives with little extras, and it's not unusual for me to come home to find that B has left goodies by the front door! It really is a treat! I have had some lovely fabrics, vouchers for schools, cat food, fresh fruit and veg...and if I'm collecting bits and pieces, like jars and plastic milk bottle tops to use at workshops, I only have to mention it to B and it is sorted!

Thank you, B, for being such a lovely neighbour...not to mention putting up with naughty cat no.1, who just pops next door whenever he feels like it to eat, sleep and make a nuisance of himself! Thankfully, B adores cats!

Back soon,

Rebecca x


  1. What a lovely neighbour..wish I had neighbours like that! ;-)

  2. That is so sweet of your neighbour! Nowadays it is really a rare thing to have neighbours like yours.

  3. What a lovely neighbour you have. What are you going to make with that fabric? I love your rag rug you are making, I learnt how to do it recently and have started a project but never seem to get the time to finish it, hope you do! Jane xx

  4. You are lucky to have such a nice neighbour.

  5. Hi, Ive just found you - I dont think you are too far away from me. Always nice to find another Northern Soul. Off to read the rest of your blog. Pop over and have a virtual cuppa!!

  6. I've just seen the pic of the blue octopus from the 70's soft toy book. I remember making one of those in purple, I adapted the design and gave it some legs made with wool. It was for the school fair. I love the V&A buttons.