Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Buttons and Flowers

When I'm busy making and creating I do tend to make rather a mess and spread myself far and wide all over the house!! So this week, as we're taking it easy, I've started sorting out my work space - no room of one's own here, I'm afraid, just an area of the dining room!!

My son says that his bedroom and the bathroom are the only rooms without any of "mum's stuff" in them! The sewing machine and badge making machine are set up and ready for action on the kitchen table, there are knitting needles, crochet hooks and baskets of wool in the lounge (well, I can't have idle hands when my legs stop moving, can I?), boxes of stock and materials are stored in our bedroom, lots of bits and bobs are stored in the top cupboards in my daughter's bedroom (well, she wouldn't have been able to reach them when I started using them!), I keep all my materials for children's craft workshops in the cellar, and...I can't even begin to say what I might have stashed away in the loft over the years!! So, hang on...that means the hall and the upstairs landing are free from my "stuff" too!

I'd love to hear where you work at home? Messy or tidy?

When I was tidying my boxes and tins, I came across...

these pretty terracotta buttons (with flowers on!) that I bought from the V&A Museum shop on a trip to London with my daughter just before Christmas! These are"for me" buttons, not to be used on bits and pieces to sell! Now I just need to think how I shall use them. I've decided that, during the summer holidays, I am going to try to do a bit of making and creating for just for me and for my home, which is something that I hardly ever get around to doing, always being too busy preparing for workshops, fairs, and making for other people and my little online shops.

I am working on a small wall hanging piece (a flower) using rag rugging techniques, which will be used to promote a rag rugging workshop that I'm doing later in the year. I'd not done any rag rugging for a while and had forgotten how much fabric it uses - this small piece, which measures 6" x 6" has used almost two t-shirts!! I put it down by this month's Country Living magazine...the colours are perfect!

Today is wet and miserable...quite cool too!... but I took this yesterday...

The gorgeous white buddleia with its enormous flower spikes is attracting all kinds of insects and quite a few butterflies - unfortunately, they always seem to flutter off before I've managed to capture them on camera!
Buttons and flowers...see...I just can't get away from them! And that's just how I like it!

Bye for now,



  1. Your craft stash sound like mine was last year but we've since had the house knocked around and I have a dedicated zone with everything in it's place. This has saved oodles of frustration as fabric, wool and buttons etc were all in different rooms by necessity. That's not to say that the house is 'mums stuff' free. I have little baskets containing current projects in various rooms for when I get five mins here and there.
    I adore those buttons - I've never seen any like that before.

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    When I craft i normally make a huge mess, but now with little one around, whenever I do something, it needs to be quick and very organised.
    I love the buttons you posted, they are so sweet, don't blame you for keeping them to yourself. :)

  3. Gosh if you can do that with a couple of t-shirts I must save some and send them over!I want to learn how to do that!

  4. Ooo t-shirts for rag rugging with - that's such a good idea, shirts and anything cotton-ish or denim I happily reuse but always get stumped by t-shirts. I have one of those little heart buttons but with spotd on brought fo r me by a friend, I love it & yours.