Wednesday, 15 July 2009


My 'Peace' rose (a wonderful, thoughtful gift from hubby a few years ago following a bit of a tiff!) has come into flower this week and I managed to photograph it in between the very heavy downpours of rain we've been having. Its yellowy, pinky tones always remind me of the little fruit salad chewy sweets I used to buy from the village shop as a child!!
Isn't it funny how different things bring back our memories...smells, sights, sounds!! The smell of Guerlain's Samsara perfume always reminds me of being in labour...a midwife that came and went during the long and protracted time I had with my son was rather heavily doused in the stuff!! I also find that music stirs so many memories, which is one of the reasons I'm sad that is no longer available - it's so quiet in blogland too!!
Talking of memories, there's something about these:
Apparently, they are also available in a dark chocolate, blue and gold wrapped, version, but I've not seen those around here!!

Yesterday, I took a trip to my favourite charity, a new manager...and boy is she making changes, although she assures me that she will not be increasing the prices!! Quite often, I breeze in... and then out again, just as quickly...but yesterday it was hard to drag myself away...lots of vintage craft books and balls of wool...!!!
I love these from "The Soft Toy Book" from the 70s!!!
The charity shop manager said her main aim was to clear out all the "stuff" from the upstairs storage room...keep on bringing it out into the shop I say, especially after yesterday's fabulous finds!! I'll share some more pictures in another post as this has turned into a longer one than I expected!!
Back soon,
Rebecca x


  1. Well, I found you via kitschenpink, you had left a comment on her most recent post, and being an observer of human beings... all right then, nosey... I thought I would look you up. I also live in a 1930s house, or 'villa' as this one was called back then. Now it has some horrible name given to it by owners decades ago, which nobody but the electricity company uses on letters thankfully. One day, we will get around to giving it a name, officially. But for now, HOME says it all. I am originally from Yorkshire.
    I loved your photos, especially that gorgeous chicken! And I have a pack of caramel wafers in the cupboard... they are one thing that doesn't seem to have shrunk as the years have gone by.. I mean Wagon Wheels would barely fit a dolls pram, let alone a wagon, these days!

  2. 'Peace' has always been one of my favourite roses! Beautiful. ;-)

  3. 'Peace' has always been one of my favourite roses. Beautiful ;-)

  4. Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks for visiting.... yes, that is a bit weird about you and me, Norfolk and Yorkshire!! Like you, I am a lover of the gentle domestic arts... do you have Jane Brocket's book on the subject.. fabulous pictures. I have always been happy to be a homemaker, right from when my sons were born in the early 70s, and continuing still. Have you seen the community called BLISSFULLY DOMESTIC LIVING?
    I keep thinking about joining.....
    Take care and have a lovely weekend.

  5. A number of the charity shops I frequent seem to be sparse in goods (and overpriced) but behind the curtains into the store room they seem to be heaving with stock pilled high. I wish their managers would follow suit and get the stuff out!!!

  6. Rebecca,
    Thank you for leaving a lovely comment about Bob on my blog.

  7. love the chicken from your book!


  8. ooo i love those tea cakes !!!! that toy book looks fab its great when you find something good isnt it :-)

  9. Not a fan of the tea cakes but a couple of years ago I made a chicken just like that - but not from a pattern I thought I had made it up - perhaps I had seen that book at some point!
    I too loved fruit salads and that rose (which is gorgeous) is indeed just the right colours.