Friday, 2 April 2010


Despite all the not so cheery things that are going on in our lives here at the moment, I have decided that I am going to keep my blog as a place of positivity and creativity...or at least I shall try to!

I was back with the Brownies this week to finish off the egg cosies and here are some of the end results:

I was delighted when one of the girls told me that her dad had bought her some knitting needles this week and when another was excited to tell me that she had started to knit a scarf. All the girls seemed to really enjoy themselves, knitting and nattering, with a few exclamations of "I can knit!" along the way - so pleasing bearing in mind the "I can't do it" and "It's too hard" from the first week's session! How sweet too that one Brownie asked Brown Owl if I could join them on Pack Holiday next week!

The lovely Calico Kate asked me for the pattern for the little egg cosies, so here it is:

Most of the Brownies used 7mm needles and DK yarn, which gives quite a loose knit, but grows quickly!
  1. Cast on around 20 sts - needs to measure at least 12cm when stretched across your needle.
  2. Knit until your work measures approx. 7cm.
  3. Cut yarn, leaving an end of approx. 30cm and, using a wool needle, thread this through all the stitches on your knitting needle.
  4. Remove knitting needle and pull yarn to gather the top. Then, with right sides facing, stitch the side seam. Fasten off and darn in loose end at beginning of cast on edge.
  5. Make a small pom-pom and stitch it to the top of your egg cosy!

Well, as my boy is pleading starvation, it would seem that it is time to go into the kitchen, but I shall be back tomorrow with a First Anniversary post - it's hard to believe that I have been blogging for a year already!

Bye for now,



  1. What cute little cosies- the girls must feel a great sense of accomplishment. I remember knitting as a young girl and I've never stopped. Have a great Easter weekend with your family.

  2. These look so great Rebecca. Inspired by you post and your knitting project I invented the ones I made in the end. And then got addicted to making them I have quite a little stash now - not sure what I am going to d with them!
    But thank you for posting the instructions.