Saturday, 3 April 2010

1 today!

It's been a year since my children persuaded me to start blogging and what fun it has been!

I have loved taking photos of little things that I would never have bothered with before (like these Easter chicks waiting to go to one of my craft workshops!) and, looking back through my posts, blogging is such a wonderful way of keeping a record of happenings and life's simple pleasures that I might otherwise have forgotten about!
I have also enjoyed discovering other people's blogs over the last year...there are so many wonderful, funny, thought provoking, interesting and inspiring blogs out there - thank you all!
Some might call it being nosey, but I think we are all a little curious about what other people get up to and blogging gives us a peek!
So, to celebrate a year of blogging, I thought I would have a giveaway! I'm not sure exactly what it will be yet, but it will be a collection of goodies that relate to things I have blogged about over the last year - more details will be revealed in future posts! As it's Easter and the children are at home, I shall make the draw on St George's Day, 23rd April, which gives everyone plenty of time to enter.
To be in with a chance of winning, just leave a comment in response to this question:
  • What do you enjoy about blogging/reading blogs?
I look forward to reading your comments...
Back soon,


  1. Hm... what I like about reading blogs is... well, the ones I follow usually have great DIY tutorials, or post about amazing artists. Sometimes they post their own outfits, with details about where they buy their things, which is handy when I want to go style shopping.

    For me personally, blogging helps me vent whatever emotions I can't express in real life.

  2. Happy first blogging birthday Rebecca.
    I know exactly why I like reading blogs - because if I hadn't then I wouldn't have attended your crochet workshop and I wouldn't be thoroughly enjoying myself making lots of different items.
    So a great big THANK YOU to you.
    Carol xx

  3. Hi Rebecca!
    Happy 1st blogsversary!!
    What I like most about blogging is the possibility of meeting with so many likeminded people, to connect with them on a lovely and inspiring way.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Congratulations on a year of blogging!

    I like to read (and write) about creative achievements and also about the ups and downs of everyday life. All kinds of little details interest me - it's so fascinating to find out that other people do the same things I do, or that they do things completely differently! Human beings have such infinite variety... but also such a lot of common ground.

    Happy Easter!

  5. Hi Rebecca,

    Happy first birthday. I'm newish to blogging but so enjoy reading the blogs of other like minded folk. You bloggers fill me with inspiration, make me laugh and let me take a sneaky peak into your lives. I enjoy writing my blog as it helps me record our everyday life, helps me focus on the positive when the days don't always go my way and generally makes me a happy bunny. My kids love it too!

    Take care


  6. I've been inspired by so many blogs, that when I started my own I wasn't sure where I was going. Now, I look forward to every minute of it. I've met so many people and I really love the communication and inspiration that's out there. Happy anniversary Rebecca

  7. Hi there you, I'm grinning from ear to ear, this morning...!!
    Thanks for your lovely comment :oD

  8. Congratulations on your 1st blog year milestone.
    Have you seen my favourite blogs list!!!!
    I love reading them and for different reasons. Some make me want to get out into the garden some inspire me to be creative. Others have lovely photos of homes and they encourage me and I read some because the contain cats! Some people I now consider as friends and just drop by for a chat and catch up.

  9. Happy first bloggy birthday to you! I love blogging because of all the wonderful inspiration you can stumble upon and all the lovely people you can 'meet' too :O) x

  10. Happy first Bloggiversary!

    What I love about reading blogs is getting to know new crafters ( I mostly read crafty blogs) and sort of tapping into the synergy of their creativity and drive! I find that I want to craft more the more I see the wonderful things they make! I also have found some very good friends in the blogosphere, and I really like meeting new ones.

    I love to learn, and reading blogs is like learning from a book that is so alive that is being written day by day and I get to watch it develop!

    (BTW, I love buttons! and flowers!)

  11. I can't believe it was your children that persuaded you to start blogging - my eldest thinks I'm mad, although the younger one does log onto my blog on his I-pod and look at my pictures!
    I started blogging because I was told every business of whatever size should have one, and began looking just at other felting blogs, but quite quickly I began to feel intimidated by everyone else's talent! But then it ceased to be about what I did and was more about getting to know people.
    I never expected to lose my lovely cat so soon after starting and was just overwhelmed by the kindness of other cat-lovers and friends I had never met, and I think my blog now is more about Archie than anything else - which is fine! I've really been glad to have a record of my own life and so grateful to have met such lovely caring people.
    It's become more about relationships than anything else I think, but it's still lovely to see other people's photos - I'm stunned too by having these connections with people all over the world - that's one of the best things, and being able to share in their lives as the days and weeks go by. Just as I received support at a very sad time I hope I might be able to give it when others need it - what a great community it is.
    Perhaps that's enough waffling (have had half a glass of wine)! xx

  12. Blogging means so many different things and fulfills lots of different needs and pleasures at different times for me. I started writing it on a day when I felt so unbelievably low as we started a new year with no idea of how we were going to pay any of the bills. I had two happy little girls running around in bliss and I wanted to protect them from my worries. Blogging gave me a great escape and a way of focusing on all that was and is so fabulous in our lives. I've always tried to only write about the upbeat, but sometimes real stuff needs to come in.

    For me it motivates me to try and finish work I've talked about; find out if people like what I'm making to sell or if I'm way off mark; get inspiration from other blogs, read all sorts of other things (as I don't buy many mags now and blogs are far more interesting really)and connect with so many wonderful people (which I hadn't expected at all). There's so much more. Main thing is it's addictive, I really enjoy it as another expression of who I am.

    Lisa x

  13. I love the inspiration I get from reading other blogs - for days out, holiday destinations, cooking, sewing, reading etc etc
    As for blogging myself, I love the comments and interaction I get with like minded people - whom I have never met. I also am loving looking back after a year, to see what I got up to back then. XXX

  14. Happy Blogversary :)

    I started by reading blogs - was like a lovely never ending housey/crafty magazine.

    Decided to give it a whirl myself as I like making stuff and my menfolk aren't always interested so I wanted to share them with people that would be.

    I've learnt loads from blogging and also made some great bloggy friends :)

  15. Congratulations on your first anniversary! I like furniture makeovers, vintage pretties, handmade items, gardening, visits to different places, anything about the 1920's, 30's, 40's & 50's, home life, flea market, charity shop finds, vintage fairs. I'm sure that there are other things too...

    Have a lovely weekend

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  16. Congrats on your first year! I passed my first blogiversary in Feb, and that seems so long ago now...

    I have LOVED meeting people with whom I have something in common, and learning that I'm not so alone. That's one of the real blessings of blogging for a Brit abroad, I've found.

    I would love to enter your giveaway if there's still time. WOuld you like to come over and enter mine, too?