Monday, 12 April 2010

Pink & Purple

I've been busy working on some pretty brooches for spring/summer - here they are drying after felting slightly in the washing machine:

You can see the finished results on my website, which is also almost finished too!
The gorgeous weather we've had over the last few days is bringing things along nicely in the garden. The flowering currant is looking particularly good this year...I love its flowers just before they open as they always remind me of raspberries and summer's delights yet to come!
This bee seemed to like it too!

Some of you might remember me asking the question: "When will there be broccoli?" . Well, the answer is: About 18 months after planting out! As you know, we have been eating the leaves so that it has not seemed like a total waste of time giving over so much of our veg plot to the plants. Just as I was collecting what was going to be one of our last helpings of leaves before pulling up the plants, I discovered that broccoli was sprouting at last! Gorgeous, purple broccoli...a delight to my eyes and, hopefully, to our taste buds very soon!
Please don't forget my First Anniversary Giveaway - I will post some pictures soon, but the package will definitely include one of my Vintage Embroidery Handbag Mirrors, some seeds for the garden (unless the winner lives overseas, in which case I will need to check with HM Customs as I know they can be funny about these kinds of things!), baking cases and more that I have yet to decide upon! Thank so much to those of you that have commented so far - I have loved reading your responses!
Back soon,


  1. Your website is looking really good! I just can't get the time to redo mine yet.
    Archie had been chasing bees a lot in the garden. I've just today sown my purple broccoli seeds - I guess going by your experience I'll have to wait a very long time to harvest anything - I'll stick them at the back of the veg plot and hope they'll be happy! xx

  2. Your brooches look just like the flowers! Love them! Just popping around blog land and I'm glad I stopped here!

  3. I didn't realize broccoli looked so beautiful! Love the purple!

  4. Gorgeous photos, the little flower brooches look great, i love felting things in the washing machine. That broccoli looks yummy, quite a long wait though lol. I am just starting to learn about gardening so will have to keep popping back to your blog to see whats possible :)

  5. Thanks so much for your kind words about losing Molly our cat. It was really appreciated.

    Explosion of colour is great here, wish we had a bot more, still just lots of green. Mind you green better than lots of mud, so can't complain.

    Could I be included in your giveaway too please. I guess I'd better leave a comment down there too to make it easier.
    Lisa x

  6. Lovely broches just like the currant a fabulous pink. & then a purple - broccoli. Well done on perservering - hasn't ever occured to me that you could eat the leaves! If it goes over it makes fabulous cut flowers as the open yellow, very pretty but the do drop!