Friday, 30 April 2010

It's all happening in the garden...and I'm off to Saltaire

I always get very excited at the first sign of growth in our little veggie garden. With the warmth of this week and a few April showers the mangetout peas have started to show in their pots

and the rocket has shot up nicely!

You will see that I have a piece of netting over the seeds (and other obstacles and contraptions that you cannot see) - not to stop birds or wild animals, but to stop this pesky critter...

...naughty cat no.1, who seems to think that any freshly dug piece of soil in his garden is for his purposes! The netting alone proved insufficient as he was caught in the act, hunched under it doing his business - I was not a happy gardener! But, he really is the most adorable, loving cat I have ever known and it is so very difficult to stay cross with him for long! Just stay off my veg patch!

On Sunday (2nd May) I shall be having a stall at the Saltaire Charity Craft Market, which is being held to raise funds for the Bradford City Burns Unit Appeal. There will be two rooms of craft stalls with "everything from bangles and beads to food and drink and everything in between!" There's also going to be café selling drinks, homemade cakes and snacks with all proceeds from the café being shared between The Burns Unit and Cancer Research UK - the latter being a charity that is very close to my heart at the moment. It is a new event and I am hoping that it will be a good one! Victoria Hall is a lovely location and Saltaire is a UNESCO World Heritage village - it's definitely worth a visit if you never been there. The Craft Market is open from 11am to 4pm with free entry to the public but, of course, any donations to the Burns Unit Appeal will be very gratefully received. If you're nearby, please do stop by and say "hello"!

On that note, I had better finish this post and get on with making some more brooches, mirrors....
Back soon,


  1. Good luck with the craft sale - your crafts will be very successful I am sure.

  2. My rocket looks just like yours! Except it's in modules at the moment in the greenhouse. I'm smiling at this post because Archie is using the veg patch as his personal toilet every day! Newton did too and I put netting across the beds just as you have, and he just got underneath it or through it! The only thing that worked was old raspberry canes stuck in to the soil at regular intervals as they had many spiky branches and he couldn't get a clear space to dig! Hope your craft stall goes well xx

  3. My lettuce is at the same stage too! I absolutely LOVE Saltaire - its a fabulous place. Good Luck. xxx

  4. Oh aren't cats just the WORST for newly dug bits of garden, and when the seeds are sprouting and making their littleleaves for some reason they become incredibly comfortable and the cats love to sleep on them ..... we've five of the little blighters, but I love them dearly and would hate to be without them.

  5. Hi Rebecca hope your craft show was fun and successful! I love the photo of your kitty. Our cats are "indoor only" cats...may sound strange to you, but in the city here it is the safest for them. They happily listen to the birds and love to sit by the door and watch while I work with my flowers in my little container garden.

  6. I hope the craft fair went well! I take my kitties out to my garden too and they're such brats. I love seeing them lay in the sunshine though. I can't stay mad at them long. =)