Friday, 26 March 2010

Oh, for the life of a cat!

How can it be Friday again? It's been a week full of children's activities for me - starting Easter projects with my school-based art clubs and back to knitting egg cosies with the Brownies! The egg cosies are coming along nicely and we've begun making the pom-poms for the top. I've been invited back for a third week, which is really good because it means that all of the girls should be able to finish their work to take home for the Easter holidays.

I've also been working hard on my website - Not being a very technical person, I'm quite pleased with what I have achieved - perhaps you'd like to take a look and let me know what you think?

All in all it's been a busy week...oh, for the life of a cat, eh?

Back soon,



  1. Very professional looking site Rebecca. Easy to navigate.
    Love your broodges! My felt flower brooch from you often attracts admiring comments.
    The cat looks very relaxed.

  2. The website's looking groovy. Carry on with the good work!

  3. Hi Rebecca, I love how comfy your little cat looks! What a life huh? I think your website is going to turn out great! Thanks for the sneak peek. Have a lovely spring week holiday! Rebecca

  4. Yes indeed a cat's life does seem a very good one.
    Your new website looks really good - I've been trying to find the time to re-do mine for ages and had sketched out some lay-outs a few weeks ago - great minds must think alike because I had thought of a list going down the side instead of across as I've got now, as I've run out of room for categories and so I can always add more that way. Anyway yours looks very attractive and I hope it's successful for you. And well done for doing it - my husband set mine up originally and I learnt from him step-by-step how to maintain it, so you've done brilliantly to do it yourself! xx

  5. Wow, looks like you have been really busy, Rebecca.
    I just love your cat picture, so cute!

  6. Have had a loely 10-15 mins or so catching up with your activities. 'Blessed' BT have at last connected us to broadband and I can get online when I want to to read things I want to! Do you have a pattern for those great egg cosies that you might post? I'm not a great knitter though I enjoy it hugely and if a Brownie can make cute egg cosies then perhaps I can manage one or two too!
    I have often said I would like to come back as a least as one of our spoilt moggies!