Friday, 5 March 2010

Something old, something new,!

I had chance to pop into the charity shop on the way back from the supermarket this morning and found something old - well, quite a few things! There were lots of crochet patterns for doilies and mats, some which had to come home with me - I quite fancy trying out some of the flower motifs! And, of course, to do that I'm going to need some fine crochet cotton, so I couldn't resist these balls of yellow, green and purple yarn at 25p each! I also picked up some more knitting needles to add to my collection in readiness for my knitting sessions with a group of Brownies in a couple of weeks' time.

I was pleased to find the Learn Tatting book as it has lots of diagrams - perhaps my daughter will give it another go! I wonder if this book came from the same home as the Tatting Designs book and shuttle that we bought there the other week? The Learn to Crochet book will come in very useful at my workshops as it has lots of pictures and guidance for left-handed learners.

This week I have been working on something new...

I've have called them "broodges" as they are a cross between a brooch and a badge! I am really pleased with how they've turned out...they are buttons and flowers...very me!

And, finally, for something green! I have given up on ever having broccoli from the plants in the garden - after all, they've been in the ground for 16 months now! However, in order to gain something from these enormous plants that have taken up so much of our little veg patch for all that time, I decided that we should eat the leaves!

They are very tasty indeed, especially added to stir-fried chicken, vegetables and noodles, as enjoyed last night! We won't be growing broccoli again, but we're really looking forward to making a start on this year's veg patch.
I'm also looking forward to relaxing with a cuppa, or maybe a glass of something, and catching up on some of my favourite blogs this weekend. Hope you have a lovely weekend whatever you're planning to do!
Back soon,


  1. Oh I do love your broodges...they are fabulous!
    Are they for sale?

  2. Wow, those badge/brooches are lovely - gorgeous details. Love the way you photographed them with the botanic background. Regards Julia

  3. They are lovely! and weren't you lucky at the charity shop!

  4. Tatting? Guess I don't know much about it, it looks difficult no? The broodges are nice, very pretty! Wow, I can't imagine growing something in my garden and have it for dinner, so cool! Have a nice weekend. ;)

  5. Wow Rebecca your brodges are fabulous, obviously very talented indeed. Thank you for following my blog, its nice to have two followers now.

    Have a great weekend


  6. You did well at the charity shop didnt you?