Sunday, 14 March 2010

Let mum eat cake...and chocolate

It all began on Friday evening when my lovely daughter came home and presented me with a bunch of freesias (love them!) - "Happy Mother's Day! I won't see you much this weekend, so I'm giving you these today and I'm going to make you a cake tonight!"

A coffee and walnut favourite...and very yummy it is too! I hasten to add that I've not eaten all the missing sponge myself!
This morning my teenage son gave me this choccie bar onto which he'd iced 'Love you mum' - apparently, it had all "gone a bit wrong", "it got stuck to the cellophane", but none of that matters to me - I love it!
Thank you my lovely children!
Back soon,


  1. What gorgeous flowers and a yummy looking cake.

  2. Ah, lovely Mother's day treats, and yes Penzance to Tesco was thrilling!

    Sarah x

  3. What lovely children you have, that cakes looks fab.

    Many thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I'm new to all that is blogland so any comments left are really exciting and very welcome.

    Alison X

  4. What a lovely thing for your son to have done! Mine went out on Friday with the £2 I'd given him to get some new deodorant for himself, and came back with some lip-gloss he'd chosen for me - quite hard to find for such a small sum these days - he said there was no point wrapping it as it was so small, but was genuinely glad that it was the right colour for me and I was so touched that he'd done this all by himself in the first place. I said it was fine not to wrap my presents, but that he should always bother for girlfriends and his wife! xx

  5. I think baking someone a cake is a very loving thing to do and I plan on doing it more often. I just wish my cakes were as lovely as your daughter's offering! Happy Mothering Day to you!

  6. Lovely lovely Mothers day treats!! xxxx