Friday, 19 March 2010

Springing back

The garden is 'springing' back to life...these 'Dorothy' crocuses have begun to flower this week:

There's some froggy business going on in the borders:
Fortunately, I heard these two rustling around as I hate being surprised by frogs when I'm hanging out the washing! We have a pond at the bottom of the garden and each Spring we see lots of frogs springing their way back there - it's quite amusing to watch. There's always one that wants to come into the house, which completely freaks me out! I refuse to open the back door until I know that it's gone, especially after having a frog join me in the kitchen a few years ago! Of course, the children think it's hilarious - "look out Mum, there's a frog!"
It's such a glorious day here today - the sun is shining, froggy noises are coming from the pond, Spring flowers are beginning to colour the garden, washing is drying on the line...and all's well! The arrival of Spring may have been delayed, but there's no holding it back now.
Back soon,


  1. We are the same here, the front garden is a mass of crocus & the daffs are also opening. They do look so fresh don't they. As for the frogs ours were out on the path last night. I don't mind them as long as they don't surprise me.
    Jenny x

  2. Nice to see the frogs having fun ;-)
    We've had a lovely week weather wise but today it's raining.
    Nice to see little signs of spring here and there !
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. We get lots of frogs as our neighbour has ponds. Newton used to chase them and they used to roll over onto their backs and play dead until he lost interest and went away, then they would hop off into the bushes! Have a good weekend xx

  4. Spotted a frog sat in the road yesterday so picked it up and put it in nearest bit of greenery........... then I wondered........... perhaps it was heading for the other side of the road!
    What a miserable, murky day today but lovely to see the spring flowers.

  5. My goodness the pond at the bottom of the field is a cauldron of bubbles due to all the froggy friskiness! Tee hee,

    Sarah x