Thursday, 3 September 2009

Nowt as funny (or kind) as folk!

Thursday again...the last week has just flown by!

Where has all the time gone...well, I've had a bit of a de-junk around here, which culminated in hubby and I attending a car boot sale on Sunday. It was a busy boot sale full of , what I call, "real booters", and bustling with people. We managed to shift quite a bit, but also brought quite a bit home, which now sits in various places awaiting its shop, recycling, eBay...or back in the loft!! People are funny aren't they...I just love it when somebody asks how much you're charging for something that cost a fortune to buy new and is in immaculate condition...and, when you tell them you'd like £1 for it, they almost drop the item and step back from your stall in horror!!

Back to school for my two on Monday and, I have to say, it definitely feels like the start of the autumn term here this morning! Much, much cooler, dark, wet and windy...but autumn does have its good points....

gorgeous plums brought round to us by our lovely neighbour B, and, not long after B had left, I had a little person at my door thrusting a bag of these lovely apples at me! The little boy (W, aged 3) from next door was given an apple tree by one of his godparents when he was born - it's really small but produces lots and lots of crispy, tasty apples! W reported that they had picked all the apples because the blackbirds were starting to eat them! Such kind neighbours!
Time to get dressed...I toughed it out yesterday, but I think there will have to be socks involved in today's outfit!
Back soon,


  1. Hi Rebecca!
    What lovely neighbours you have! The fruits look so delicious.
    And just tell me where an item in a car boot sale for just 1 pound is that expensive??? People sometimes are very funny, aren't they? LOL
    Take care. x

  2. Hello Rebecca
    I agree it does feel like autumn, we are still picking the applles from our 2 trees. I am waiting for the ederberry to be ready. I love to declutter via boot fairs. September & Octover is when I clear out in earnest!
    Isabelle x

  3. I know what you mean about people wanting something for nothing at boot sales. Hey-ho.
    Those apple look lovely and juicy too

  4. Wishing we had a boot sale I could de-junk too. I have decided to hire the village hall instead!
    What lovely autumn fruits and kind neighbours indeed.
    PS love that grey felt buttons brooch - gorgeous

  5. What great neighbours you have. Hope you didnt get too warm in your socks today - looks like we are in for an Indian Summer!!

  6. Autumn is definetly in the air..