Thursday, 27 August 2009

Bags & Boxes

My daughter has finished making a bag this week from chunky wool knitting that she has felted, blanket stitched, appliquéd and finished with stitched ribbon handles.

I was out for most of the day yesterday and, when I got home, found that she had made this cute little bird charm for it too!

She's really pleased with the end result, but says that none of her friends will like it because it does not come from a shop and they think that, because it is handmade, it is not as good as something bought!! Oh, what a shame!!
There was plenty of creativity going on at the arts and crafts workshop yesterday! With a recycling theme, I had decided on junk models for one of the activities - after all there are only so many cereal boxes, washing powder boxes, cardboard tubes, plastic milk bottle tops etc., that my cellar can accommodate and it was time for a good sort out down there! As many of the youngsters that attend these workshops have either learning or physical disabilities, I usually make some examples of whatever it is that we're doing so that they have something to work from. However, I thought I would just see what they could do when left to their own imaginations this time. The junk models seemed to be a real hit with the boys...rockets, robots, money boxes, treasure chest to mention but a few of the creations! Meanwhile, the girls were happily gluing brightly coloured tissue paper onto jars (more space in the cellar!) to create a stained glass effect, with a liberal application of glitter and sequins to complete the look!
Lots of paint and glue everywhere (thank heavens for aprons and old newspapers!), but lots and lots of fun for all, and smiley, happy faces! Thanks children for a lovely afternoon...and for clearing some of my cellar stash! But, of course, it will be looking like back stage at Blue Peter again very soon because I need more bits and pieces for next time!!
Time for lunch.
Back soon,


  1. Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog! I love the bag and bird above - how clever! Just get her to tell them that handmade is even better - it is so individual you can't even buy it in the shops - and you can design it exactly how you want it. They will be asking her for commissions soon!

    Pomona x

  2. The bag is stunning, so beautifully made by your daughter. I think that the other girls would be impressed and admire it but for some reason would not want to show it. Unfortunately I was a bit like that when I was younger.
    It sounds like you had a lovely time doing arts and crafts with the children. Such a good thing for them. I wish it had a bigger allocation in schools, it is so important I feel.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  3. Thanks for your comment re my daughter. Your daughters bag is lovely - loving the Liberty heart and the bird charm. Loving your new autumn brooches too!

  4. By the way how have you backed your crochet cushion? I have a front to put a back onto but am concerned that if I use a blanket piece or a thrifted jumper for the back, the seam will be really bulky - can you help please? Thank you!

  5. Lovely bag!
    First timer visiting your lovely blog... and thought to say hi!
    Hope you didn`t mind!!!Lol
    By the way the bird charm is too cute for words!


  6. What a lovely post - bag is great, so individual and personal, really beautiful. It sounds like you had a lot of fun with the kids too.

  7. The bag is gorgeous. Your daughter should be really proud of herself!