Wednesday, 16 September 2009


There was a distinct autumnal chill in the air yesterday morning, so I decided that the time had come to clear the rhubarb patch before the first frost takes us by surprise and ruins what is left.

Time to dig out one of my favourite books:

This year, instead of my usual rhubarb and vanilla or rhubarb and ginger jam, I thought I would try Mrs B's simple recipe:

I love the colour of rhubarb and the way it changes as it cooks!

While the rhubarb bubbles away...time to browse my much-loved, but very tatty, copy of Mrs B's Cookery Book that I picked up for a couple of pounds at The Needlemakers in Lewes a few years ago.

I love to read Mrs B's advice and I am often intrigued and amused by her recipes, such as this one: a Bengal recipe for making mango chetney [sic] .....with no mango!! It is made with sour apples and once blended and in its bottles, Mrs B recommends that you 'tie a piece of wet bladder over the mouths of the bottles' - lovely!

What I also love about my copy of Mrs B is that it has lots of newspaper cuttings and hand written notes and recipes glued into the back....

A recipe for nettle tea, notes on how to clean marble, and Mrs Edward's recipe for sandwich cake...

and how about a recipe for Semolina Snow or Flunnery!!

Based on a lick of the spoon, Mrs Beeton's rhubarb jam gets the thumbs up - deliciously jammy!!

Also very jammy - 7 balls of wool, 100% british wool, at 10p a ball at the charity shop on Tuesday! I'm sure I leave that shop with a huge smile on my face when I've been so lucky with my thrifty finds!
Before I go, I would just like to welcome my new followers and say a huge thank you to everyone who leaves comments for me here. I've not been very good at keeping up with everyone else's blogs over the last couple of weeks, but I've not forgotten you!!
Back soon,


  1. Don't you just love the old cookbooks. Amazing what they use to come up with. But, the recipes always do come out pretty yummie. OK, so now regarding that new yummie British wool. What a delish project you are going to have.

  2. I'm a great fan of rhubarb. I've just been watching that chef Nigel Slater cook mackerel with rhubarb, definitely not quite as crazy as wet bladder for bottles. I wonder if people actually really did that.