Monday, 2 August 2010

Home Grown Produce

We have had the house to ourselves this weekend, a situation that is becoming all the more frequent now that the children have grown and have busy calendars full of social events! Our daughter is jamboreeing in Norfolk for the week - camping is not really her thing and the weather has not been too good, but I do hope that she's enjoying the experience! We have no way of finding out until she comes home as, much to her disgust, mobile phones were not permitted! Our son is away in Wales with one of his friends and, despite the rain, we know that he has been having a good time from the texts that he has sent us!
We dug the first potatoes from the garden yesterday...well, hubby dug and I held the bowl! We must have looked a sight...both of us grinning with sheer delight as each little potato was revealed! It was very exciting indeed, especially as these have grown from a supermarket potato that we chitted! And, of course, nothing beats home grown produce! We had to remember when to stop digging as we are only cooking for 2 at the moment and not 4! On the way back to the kitchen I collected the few sugar snap peas that were ready - not enough for 2 helpings, but delicious to crunch on while preparing dinner!
We were also able to collect up the seed pods from the old purple sprouting broccoli plants, which had been left at the side of house to dry. We probably have enough seeds to keep us in purple sprouting broccoli for the rest of our lives! Now that we know what to expect, we'll probably give growing it another go next year as it was delicious!

We've also been enjoying home grown produce from some friends of ours: spinach and courgettes - long ones and round ones! We've not grown spinach before so, when we spotted some packs of seeds reduced to 19p each when we were out yesterday, we couldn't resist! I am going to plant some this week and see what happens!

I hope the spinach is a success as we've really enjoyed eating it torn into warm, griddled courgettes, peppers and red onions with some basil leaves, as pictured below alongside the home grown potatoes, which have been tossed in butter with mint from the garden...accompanied by a glass of something of course!

Over this weekend I have realised who makes all the noise, all the mess, all the washing and eats all the food! It is lovely having the house to ourselves, but I do miss them...they make this house a home!
Back soon,


  1. Gorgeous.. I've been digging our potatoes too this weekend - looked a bit scabby though!! ( ours)
    Interesting that you grew them from a supermarket tuba as I heard them say not to on Gardener's World - must just be that they are scared of the seed potatoe industry getting angry if they were to give it the thumbs up! No tummy aches then? x Gabs

  2. What lovely home grown produce!
    it looked lovely in the last photo, ready to eat!

  3. Dinner looks lovely :) - can't beat homegrown.

    I think I know which camp you mean - a friends daughter is there - bet they're having fun despite the weather.

  4. My two are being incrediby noisy as I type this - yes they do make it a home!
    Your veg looks lovely, my brocolli is growing right now and I'm looking forward to eating it next year. I'm over-run with courgettes and am trying to chop them into most dinners in very small pieces and hide them from the boys! xx