Friday, 2 July 2010


One of the things I love about summer is watching the garden come alive with colour. I love the vibrant shades of orange of this gorgeous lily that has come into bloom this week. It was gift from a good friend of mine some years ago and I am always amazed when it bursts back to life from its seemingly empty, weathered terracotta pot that stands on the patio all through winter. This winter its pot was even piled high with snow and ice for days on end, but it's still grown back...the wonders of nature!

Another thing that I love about summer is being able to have breakfast in the garden...I sit on the bench and just watch for while...bliss! Ooh, and another thing I love about summer...the fruit: the other morning I had muesli with yoghurt and nectarine, which was delicious! I know you can buy so many summer fruits all year round now, but I tend not to: I prefer to keep to the seasons. It might be all in my mind, but I think the fruit just tastes better that way!

I do hope the summer weather continues as I shall be at Hooton Pagnell Summer Fete on Sunday and I've been soaked there too many times before! Hooton Pagnell is a gorgeous South Yorkshire village with a fascinating history and the Fete is always good fun...even in the rain!

I've lots to do to get ready so I had better go...

Back soon,



  1. We are hoping to go on Sunday........ but have you seen the weather forecast? Still the gardens need it and, like you say,even in the rain, it is a very good day out.
    See you Sunday.
    Carol xx

  2. Our lily is exactly the same! I always think every year that it's dead and somehow it comes back to life!

  3. Your lily is a beautiful deep orange colour, I do love orange in the garden combined with deep pinks and burgundy, I get all my ideas from Sarah Raven! I don't usually manage breakfast outside but always try for coffee in the garden. xx

  4. Lovely to see the flowers, the garden is buzzing at the moment!
    Love lyn

  5. Those Lily's are HOT! But very pretty. Completely with you on the fruit thing.