Thursday, 5 August 2010

Beetroot & Being Bold

I enjoyed watching Alys Fowler's TV series so thought I would borrow The Edible Garden from the library. It's great to dip in and out of with its lovely photos, tips and recipes.

This, along with eating delicious vegetables from other people's gardens and allotments, has made me think about changes that could make in our garden. To have a good, regular supply of veg, rather than the dribs and drabs we have at the moment, we need more growing space. We also need to be more organised, which means that 'I' need to be more organised as, once the rugby season starts, hubby's weekend gardening time will disappear! We need to be bolder: we need to sow and plant more so that we are not caught out by pests (as we have been this year!) and so that we are able keep our plates full of fresh, home grown produce!

We bought beetroot from the market this week as ours, what the pests left of it, is not ready yet. Since buying Sophie Grigson's Eat Your Greens, I always cook it slowly in the oven,

which doesn't look too good at first,

but its skins just slip off

to reveal these beauties:

I can never resist popping one of the slightly warm, earthy beets into my mouth as I peel them! I love beetroot!
So we are going to be bold: we are going to dig up some lawn to give us the veg growing space that we need!
I could do with being a little bolder in other areas of my life too: I need to stop letting little niggling doubts and fears hold me back. Perhaps digging up the lawn will prove to be a catalyst!
Back soon,


  1. I love Alys Fowlers book and the beetroot looks great!

  2. So many great ideas in that book, isn't there? We've got our house on the market at the minute and my wish list for our new garden is getting ever longer so I hope we get a buyer soon!

    Good luck with your plans - lawns are over-rated!

    Sharon x

  3. Oh yes, dig up the lawn and grow veg, salads, herbs and edible flowers - and I can assure you, life will never be the same again. A.

  4. It took me several looks to work out what the funny tube things were in your picture - I thought they were the bottoms of french bread to start with and couldn't work out why they would be covered with beetroot!! How dim am I?! I have been spending too much time staring at my computer today and obviously have no brainpower left at all! Good tip to cook beetroot in the oven - when I grew some we followed a recipe in Fork to Fork which is by Monty Don and you cook them, skin them and bake them in cream in the oven - the cream goes all pink - not good for a diet though. I SO know what you mean about doubts holding you back - I'm ridiculously anxious about everything at the moment and am contemplating medication as it's stopping me from moving forward - I do hope you feel much more positive soon xxxx