Wednesday, 4 August 2010

What can you make out of England, France, Ireland, South Africa and Italy?

These labels were left over from something that my husband did at the rugby club a while ago and, not being one to throw things away, I have been using the plain white pieces to label the children's work at the after school art and craft clubs that I run. Today, I found another use for them.
I made labels for some of the tins that I am re-using to store bits and pieces that I use at the art and craft clubs - 'lids & corks etc.', 'card scraps' and 'felt and fleece' - I used 'l' and a 'y' to make the 'k' in corks and wrote the amphisand!

This week I have been having a huge sort out of all my art and craft club materials and equipment to make better use the space that I have available in the cellar and so that I can assess what I need to buy ready for September. I am pleased with how it's going so far:

these clear plastic storage boxes fit perfectly beside the freezer and, as you will see, from the photo of the tins, I even space left on my shelves too! However, that is not the end of Operation Sort Out...I need more, even bigger storage boxes for these:

lots of boxes, tubs and cartons,

bag loads of milk bottle tops,

and bags of plastic bottles!
I do keep a lot of junk but, as you can see, I can always find a use for it...the main problem is finding somewhere to store it all in the meantime! With four after school clubs running in September, I shall need all the junk I can get! I shall do a post soon showing some of the children's work from last was such a busy time and we had so much fun making and creating!
Time for a much needed cup of tea...
Back soon,


  1. Looks like you've got your own little recycling centre going on there.

  2. Wow what a collection you have! I used to recycle everything when I was an infant's teacher - now it all goes out with my household recycling.

  3. Well done you for the recycling bit... the kids are gonna have fun creating stuff outta that lot...
    Can I ask tho... are there any cadburys heros left please...? I like the one with toffee in the middle... YUM!! :o)

  4. hi rebecca, just popped over from twitter. i am trying to tidy my space today but i save everything as i also do crafty and sewing workshops and find it hard to edit as everything can be recycled. love the pic of your bottle tops. i shall bookmark your lovely blog and be back for a proper read later.
    : o)
    ginny sweetmyrtle x