Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Goodies from France

When my daughter's boyfriend asked if there was anything that I would like him to bring back from France, I couldn't resist asking for a copy of Marie Claire Idées, which is always inspirational, and some soap...I love French soap, particularly the handmade lavender variety!

The shea butter soap (at the bottom of the picture) is in the bathroom at the moment and it smells gorgeous! I have had a quick flick through the magazine, but I'm saving a proper look in the hope that, by doing so, I can hang on to 'été' a little longer! Despite today's blue sky and sunshine, there's certainly been an autumnal feel to the last couple of days, particularly the evenings, which have found us reaching for our blankets to keep our flip-flop feet warm as we relax on the sofa!

Bye for now,



  1. what a thoughtful boyfriend your daughter has!

  2. That looks an interesting magazine :)

    I have hunted out sofa blankets today as like you I get cold feet in the evenings. Can't believe how early it gets dark now :(

  3. I love that magazine too, I signed up for a subscription just so I don't miss out - it's full of fabulous inspirational pictures ... I say pictures as I have no idea how to read french :o)