Saturday, 22 August 2009

Red and Green

Although I dislike seeing hot cross buns in January, back to school promotions in June, and Christmas decorations in September, I've been seeing red and green here this week as I have made a start on Christmassy things!!

A rustic, red rag heart...

A little green felt stocking...

made up and photographed ready for a November workshop! As I did not have a Christmas tree to hang them from, I thought that the holly bush in the garden was the next best, almost festive, thing! I have also been cutting out reindeers!! I don't like doing it in the summer, but last year I left it way too late so I am trying to be more organised this year!

Ripe red tomatoes...

Gorgeous green salad from the garden...

A little bit of seasonal red and green to remind me that summer is still here...and long may it continue!

Bye for now,


  1. You are organized! Something that I need to improve on at the moment...I agree with you about not thinking of Christmas in the summer but it soon comes around doesn't it!
    Isabelle x

  2. Please! I have only just had sumer, I wish I was as forward thinking!

  3. I love the red heart! I always try to get well organised, but still panic last minute anyway!!

  4. I used to make those Rag Hearts and Rag Rings out of vintage fabrics. I used to tie cones onto the christmas ones and also make summery ones with lots of ribbons. I felt a bit autumnal the other day but it's been so hot today we're back to summer thoughts. If I was doing a Christmas Fair though everthing would definitely be on the go by now.

  5. Did you see did you see...? you made the frount cover of the Folksy thingy... 'featured sellers bit..' the other day good eh..!?
    Marion ;0>

  6. How lovely! Love the rag heart - how is that done? Is it tied to a framework or woven like a proddy rug? You have no choice but to be forward thinking if you want to craft things for Christmas - no good leaving it till December is it?!

    I will be adding you to my list of blogs I follow - love it.


  7. That's a shame think they call that sods law right...!?
    Am busy doing some bits & bobs for a craft fair in Sept at the mo, was woundering if it was to early to make some xmas bits, but I see you've started already....
    Marion ;0)

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comment! I can't believe you are so organized - I am just trying to hang onto summer!

    Pomona x

  9. Goodness, can't thinnk about Christmas yet! I love the cushion in your previous post. I also twitter and yes, some people do use it to promote their wares (sadly in more ways than one!!).

  10. Christmas feel only comes to me after our annual trip to my home country. But I think it is a great idea to start early if you can.
    Your garden salad look so fresh!!

  11. It is difficult isn't it? I too hate to see these thing s too early but one has to get organized and your creations are delightful.

  12. Love that heart. I hate the thought of Chirstmas in August and try to hold off until October though that is often too late! Well done for getting organised.

  13. Lovely post! I too have started to think about Christmas as Selfridges already have there decs out! x