Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Books at 10p each...

...well, I couldn't just leave them there, could I?
I love this one from 1975, which ties in nicely with my love of the Regency period and anything Jane Austenish!

Brigadier, Compagnie D'élite, French 2e Hussars 1808

Oooh, Officers....British Officer, 15th Light Dragoons (King's Hussars) 1813!

This one, from 1969, appealed to me because of its simple black and white/black and red/black and yellow pictures of folk costumes

This old Danish fisherwoman might be wearing her festival dress, but she certainly doesn't look too happy about it!

Meanwhile, it's good to know who's in charge around here...!

Bye for now,


  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I have to say that I just love your crochet on the previous post!
    The books are adorable and I used to love to play with paper dolls like on the first book you show. :)
    Take care. x

  2. Wow, it's rare that 10p buys anything nowadays - great finds.
    I dare anyone to try change channel in your house!

  3. There's nothing quite like finding something for 10p. I did the other day with my 70's plates. I like the red and white folk costume page. If you like Folklore and costume the new Gudrun company collection is based on folklore around the world. Her new designs and stories are just amazing.

  4. Very interesting books! Love the picture of your cat in charege of the remote. :0)
    Isabelle x