Thursday, 18 February 2010

Tips for Tat

It's not very often that my 16 year old daugher and I have the chance to go charity shop browsing together so that in itself has been a real treat during this half term week. I've not had much luck in charity shops recently so I was delighted to find these:

Vintage pattern books and some old spoons...they're only EPNS but I love them, especially the small one from Harrods!

My daughter loves vintage clothes and has promised herself that, once her GCSEs are over, she is going to have a go at making herself a dress with some vintage fabric that she bought a year or so ago. These vintage patterns at 10p each were right up her street! The green dress in the centre is her favourite!

A bag of delights...well, to me anyway...full of embroidery threads and tapisserie wools for 50p!

Looking through our finds when we arrived home, we were both amazed at the intricacy of the gorgeous lace in the 'Tatting Designs' booklet and my daughter wondered how it was done. I had never tried tatting, but I knew that it involved a shuttle and that I didn't have one amongst all my bits and bobs, which meant that we would remain unenlightened! Imagine our surprise when, as I continued pulling different coloured skeins of embroidery thread from my 50p bag of delights, I found a shuttle complete with small piece of tatting (shown in the foreground of the photo below)! There was no longer any excuse not to tat! So we consulted YouTube for video demonstrations...the ladies there make it look so easy! I was all fingers and thumbs with it - lefthandedness, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! My daughter had slightly more success!
Hers is the piece that looks slightly more like knotting than tatting, but she has improved since and can 'double' and make a 'picot'! I think it could be a while before we have this gorgeous lace collar and cuffs set from 'Tatting Design' though!
Such skill, such patience and such beautiful end results! Any tips on how to tat?
Back soon,


  1. I'm afraid I failed completely with tatting in my teenage years and haven't tried since - hopefully someone else will be more skilled! xx

  2. What great finds! I don't think I'd have the patience for tatting - it looks amazing though. Good luck!

  3. Tips on how to tat? Come on over to my blog!!! While I don't have learning blogposts about how to learn to tat your first doublestitch, I do have some technique tips and links to other tatting blogs! There are also some tatting tutorials on YouTube! What a nice Milward shuttle and neato pattern! :)

  4. Great blog - the tatting looks so "on trend"! Give it a go - might be fun!

  5. I am a left hander and I found when trying to tat as a child (father tatted and was trying to teach me) that the knots slid up from the wrong end.

    So either reverse the process or force yourself to learn right handed would be the best (if rubbish) advice I can give you.

    Needless to say - I gave up !

  6. Such a lovely collar! I love vintage dresses - I don't have the skills to make them unfortunately as those patterns look wonderful.

  7. Hi, thanks for popping by my blog. Yours is fantastic. You are my kind of girl. I once tried tatting but didn't keep it up. Vintage dresses are lovely, but unfortunately my vintage body is no longer the right shape to wear them. Jenny x