Thursday, 11 February 2010


I couldn't resist rushing back indoors to grab the camera to take some photos of the amazing ice patterns on the car windscreen the other morning. Such wonderful nature's own cut glass!
Neither can I resist a floral pattern when I see these had to come home from the charity shop with me on Tuesday. I think they are supposed to be table mats, but I propose to use for small hand cloths in the kitchen. I'm not sure if they're vintage, but they're unused and of a lovely, thick, barkcloth type fabric and I just love those vintagey roses!

And more gorgeous, vintagey roses to look at on the cover of March's Country Living magazine, which has just arrived...a recurring pattern it seems!

Time for coffee and quick browse through the pages....
Back soon,


  1. Hello Rebecca

    I love the table mats, the fabric is so gorgeous!

    We too woke to a frosty morning, it's lovely and sunny now for a change,

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  2. EEk! I have never seen so many CLs in blogland - and mine takes so long to get to France! I love your patterns, and especially those barkcloth type pieces. I suspect they are vintage, as I'm sure my mum had some in the late '70s that she thought were rather dated!

  3. Hi Rebecca, my Country Living copy arrived this morning too! If you want to find some fantastic flowers this month take a trip to Hodsock Priory (not far from you) to see snowdrops, hellebores, winter flowering honeysuckle etc., beautiful - and cakes! I'm going tomorrow.
    Love the tablemats.
    Carol xx

  4. You are obviously a lot more wide awake than I am in the morning! I love those rosy cloths - a great find.

    Pomona x

  5. I too am amazed by the amount of people blogging that front cover of Country Living ... going out to buy it first thing in the morning!!