Sunday, 14 February 2010

Bringing me sunshine

Over the last couple of weeks the lovely ladies behind Life of Cattoo, SparklePetal, Hand Knitted Things and Mrs Mac have all sent me a:

How wonderful to hear that my words/pictures brighten somebody's day...thank you very much indeed!

I'm going to break all the rules by not passing it on in the "official" way...after all, how could I possibly choose 12 blogs that bring me sunshine? There are so many wonderful, cheerful, entertaining, uplifting and inspiring blogs out I'm am going to unofficially award it to all of the blogs I follow and to all my followers - thank you all so much for brightening my day!

I had intended to publish this post on Sunday evening, but...

Naughty cat No.1 took up position in front of the keyboard and in front of the monitor...he always likes to be at the centre of things!

When you have a moment why not take a quick look at some of the 'Blogs that brighten my day' listed in the sidebar...that's if the cat will let you, of course!

Back soon,


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