Friday, 27 November 2009

A Visit to The Christmas Shop

It's that time again...the time of year when the small village hall at Hooton Pagnell is transformed into the most wonderful Christmas Shop for just four days, thanks to a lady called Angela Durdy.

This morning I met up with Carol, one of the lovely ladies from my Learn to Crochet Workshop last week, who had not heard about the Christmas Shop before. First, we visited the yard...

where pieces of vintage garden furniture are displayed alongside beautifully planted pots and containers...primulas and hyacinths....

decorative garden pieces too, like this star...

...gorgeous cyclamen, wire baskets, trugs planted with hyacinths and, of course, Christmas trees!

To complete the festive scene, a pair of robins arrived to join us...the small speck on the ridge tiles between the tree tops is one of the robins!

Next, we crossed over the road to visit the indoors part of The Christmas Shop.

Although it was a lovely, bright morning, it was far too chilly to sit outside! The entrance looked so inviting with its gorgeous display of Christmas trees, holly and door wreaths...

Past this beautiful rose door wreath hanging on the big, open door...

and we're in!

Welcome to The Christmas Shop brimming with wonderful things to see, buy and these delicate, crocheted bird decorations for the tree and a festive fireplace with vintage finds and goodies on the hearth...
...stitched hearts and stockings on the tree...

wintery, frosty, sparkly baubles and decorations...

alongside vintage pieces of pressed glass!

We sat down for a little while for a cup of coffee and a delicious homemade mince pie (the pastry was superb!) and then had another look around...vanilla candles alongside wreaths and garlands made with cinnamon sticks, chillies and orange slices...

and then, after a couple of purchases, it was time to go home! What a lovely morning and how lovely it was to meet up with Carol again.
The Christmas Shop at Hooton Pagnell is open for two more days if you are lucky enough to live nearby - Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th November, 10am-6pm.

Bye for now,


  1. It was a lovely morning and, like Rebecca says, if you live nearby you really must visit the shop (but raid your piggy bank first!)

  2. What a gorgeous shop - too far away for me to visit; and just as well I can't for I would not be able to resist so much of what you showed.

  3. What a gorgeous way to while away a morning, what lovely things! So glad you showed us I wouldn't have missed it!

    Sarah x

  4. What a lovely shop - probably just as well I don't live nearby!

    Pomona x

  5. I wish I lived near enough to visit. Lucky you.