Friday, 13 November 2009

Edible Delights....or not?

Last weekend, when I was staying at my parents' house, I tried Dragon Fruit for the first time. I have often admired its vibrant pink skin on the supermarket shelves and was expecting some kind of luscious pink flesh with tropical fruit flavours...
but the flesh inside is a pale greyish colour with black seeds...
and, as my niece said "it doesn't really taste of very much, does it?" Edible, but not delightful!

I came across this growing under one of the buddleias in the garden...
and it looks delicious, like it would be perfectly at home alongside a crisp rasher of bacon and a poached egg on toast for breakfast! Delightful, but is it edible?

On Wednesday it was time for my Felt, Fabric & Crochet Christmas Decorations Workshop and, as I always take homemade cakes with me, I decided that it was time for the first batch of mince pies...
...edible and delightful!
Bye for now,


  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I have seen that fruit at the super market as well, but I have never had the thrill to try it. Don't know why as I am a fan of exotic fruits.
    That mushroom looks beautiful too, but I would much prefer one of your mince pies. :)

  2. I like your delicate mushroom/toadstool, very lacy and pretty! I always top my mince pies with little pastry shapes too, it seems to make them a bit lighter than a full-on lid. Plus of course it's very pretty!

  3. Uh, never seen that fruit, but had a similar experience with another tropical fruit which looked yummy, but was rather tasteless...
    :D so i know what u and your niece mean!!!
    Hmm, love those mince pies ..they look perfect, and I wish I could try one!

  4. Felt fabric and crochet all in one class topped off with home made mince pies?

    Heaven, yes please!

    Sarah x

  5. Mince Pies before December, my Nan would be tutting at me if I even had the thought!
    PS they do look good though!