Sunday, 15 November 2009


No, this is not a post about baking, but bath sponges!

My rugby-playing teenage son asked me to buy him a new sponge - understandably so, as his existing one was falling apart and a rather unattractive shade of brown, despite having been in the washing machine!

Once at the supermarket, I have a choice of small, round white sponge or small, round pale blue sponge - neither of which are going to last five minutes with the amount soil he brings home on his body after each of his many rugby sessions throughout the week! A couple of aisles along, I stumble upon these:

...ideal for the car, boat, caravan, home...and rugby playing son! 2 for 50p - bargain!

Has nobody thought of making a "man sponge"...something that comes in a shade of brown or black?

Oh, yes...and a self-cleaning bath, please!

Bye for now,



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