Thursday, 19 November 2009

It feels like Christmas...

I've received the most amazing Christmassy present...from somebody that I hardly know! A lady from church has given me some vintage Christmas decorations...lots of vintage Christmas decorations! I am such a lucky girl!

Beautiful glass baubles, some decorated, some Christmas crackers, a wooden reel of wire...
Father Christmas, bells...
...a cute little cottage...

...and these delicate glass and, what looks and feels like, mother of pearl decorations - a butterfly, watering can and chandelier!

It seems that nobody in the lady's family wanted these old decorations and she was concerned that, when something happens to her, they would just end up in a skip somewhere. She found out about my love of 'old things' and thought they would have a good home here. Oh yes, they most certainly will...I love them!
Back soon,


  1. Hello Rebecca
    How lucky you are indeed and what a thoughtful lady!

    They are all beautiful!

    Isabelle x

  2. Hello Rebecca,
    What a lovely lady! The decs are so beautiful!
    You are indeed a lucky girl!

  3. I'm sure that you've brought great joy to the dear lady with your acceptance of her Christmas baubles. Now she knows that what has given her years of joy and bright memories will live on in your home- lighting every corner.

    I love vintage ornaments with their variety, colors and history- even if they've lost some of their lustre.

  4. Oh, love them, so vintage!!
    I have those same (similar) decos at home too :)
    Seems you had a good day,
    at least I love when I get presents!!

  5. This takes me back so many years, to childhood Christmases long forgotten. We had similar baubles - one was shaped like a gilded pheasant and had a feathery tail. I hope you will enjoy these for years to come.

  6. I love, love, love those - half the decorations on our tree are vintage that I pick up at bootsales or in charity shops. Fabulous.

  7. How utterly gorgeous. I have "Wesley Bob" Envy!

  8. this is so common, where one's family doesn't want true treasures and what matters most to their relative. however, that opens the opportunity to share treasures with friends! darling ornaments!!!

  9. Beautiful baubles. Very sensible of the lady to give them to someone she knew would treasure them.
    Looking forward to meeting you at your crochet workshop tomorrow.
    Carol xx

  10. I'm sure Rebecca will be reporting on today's crochet workshop but I would like to jump in early and thank her, and her beautiful daughter, Dorothy, for a really lovely day.
    Rebecca is the perfect teacher, patient, encouraging and so talented!
    I had a really lovely day.
    Thank you.