Friday, 12 June 2009


Since my breadmaker stopped working a little while ago, I have been buying bread because the thought of making bread by hand just seemed all too much bother. However, the other evening I decided to get down to it and it really didn't take long at all. There was something just so satisfying about it too - all that stress-busting kneading, not to mention the lovely smell as it rose in the kitchen and baked in the oven! Here's the resulting wholemeal loaf with butter at the ready...
After Wednesday evening's storm and heavy rainfall, I had to smile at the cover of the Country Living magazine that dropped through the letterbox this morning ... "The great BRITISH SUMMER" !!

Something lovely to look at while enjoying an egg mayo sandwich (with the remains of the homemade loaf!) in the garden! I spotted Naughty Cat No.1 catching some lunchtime sunshine too!

"Oh, that's spoilt my sunbathing!"
"It's so bright out here!"
Naughty Cat No.2 is not quite such a show off! In fact, she is very shy indeed and, usually, very difficult to photograph, but I caught her..... on the garden table!

Hope the weather holds for the weekend!


  1. Hi Rebbecca thanks for your comments, daft how somethings leave you feeling eh..?
    I say, you're getting the hang of this bloggin lark then...?
    I've got a bread maker than gathers dust in a cupboard somewhere, as I love making it by hand... all that kneading, how's sales on Folksy going..? They have a really good forum on there which think helps..
    Didn't know this month's CL mag was out,...right Alfie, where's that lead..? we're off to the post office.....

  2. Oh what lovely cats. We have five so I am a huge cat fan and love the way they sunbathe paws over the eyes to shade from the brght lights!
    Well done on the bread. I was doing a lot before my husb went in to hosp will get back in to the swing of things shortly. You are inspiring me!