Saturday, 28 May 2011

Just popping in...

Just popping in..for a bit of grumble:

Today, with husband and son ensconced in front of the television watching the Premiership Rugby Final, I thought I would use the car to pop into town. I didn't want to be long...I just wanted to go to the market to look for buttons, buy some fish for dinner tonight, go to the market deli for olives and spicy nuts, and pop into the wool shop. These places are all in close proximity to one another and I could be done and home in less than an hour...or so I thought!

Town was chaos and all my usual parking places were completely jammed up! I only wanted to was starting to rain...I was getting fed up and rapidly going off the idea: I went home! It makes me so cross because it is small businesses that have suffered here, not big companies. I'm sure I was not alone today...I wonder how many other people went home or decided to shop elsewhere...somewhere where they could park conveniently, cheaply?

Something needs to be done about parking if town centres are to survive and if small businesses are to prosper because they are the ones that are suffering when people are forced out of town to shopping centres with easy parking. Yes, I could (and I do) use the bus, but I do not have any sort of concessionary pass like so many of the passengers and have to pay full fare, which from the stop closest to my home to town and back costs £4. Sorry, but £4 is a little too expensive for popping!

Hopefully, Mary Portas can give the government the help it has asked for sort out our town centres...parking and bus fares would be a good place to start!

My town is looking to become a city: in my mind it can become whatever it likes, but if you can't park or get there conveniently and cheaply, what's the point?

I'm done...time to pour a glass of wine and rustle up something other than fish for dinner!

Back soon,


  1. Oh I SO agree with you. I work in a small shop set back from the road along what used to be the lesser of the two main shopping streets in our town, the main one was pedestrianised and this second one was a road with lots of half-hour parking spots and loads of small shops - just right for popping into and buying a few things. The local council did away with the on-street parking a few years ago and also made it into a bus route only, and lo and behold virtually all the small businesses vanished over the next few months because they couldn't compete with the supermarkets and their on-site parking. We're surviving but only because we're a charity and we get a lot of support, but most of the road is now pubs, so sad to see happen infront of your eyes. And everywhere you go now all the shops are the SAME, all chains and SO few individual ones. Perhaps I ought to have a glass of wine too now I've had a rant as well! xx

  2. Totally agree, I shall be off to market in that same town in the morning, I shall be in town by 9.30 hoping to get a parking space.
    Carol xx