Monday, 16 May 2011


I am so glad to have finally managed to get my hands of a copy of this new magazine,

which includes a pattern for these gorgeous crocheted apple jackets...I love them! A lovely lady that came to a workshop a while ago mentioned that she had seen these on the internet and they had inspired her to Learn to Crochet! I shall definitely be making some of these!

I've still not had chance to sit down and read the magazine, but I am loving just flicking through the pages as I pass the table, where it is patiently waiting for me! How can I resist when there are so many gorgeous things to look at! Mollie Makes are loving this crocheted frock protector...and so am I...makes me want to dust off my bicycle!So, if you love making...or just looking at gorgeous things that other people have made, you need Mollie Makes, which can be found in most W H Smith stores, Sainsbury's and other outlets, but don't delay because it's selling fast!

I just have to mention something quite unusual that happened to me last week! I came across a pretty Emma Bridgewater mug in a charity shop for £1, which meant that it was coming home with me...or so I thought! When I stepped out of the shop and turned to walk home, a man called to me and asked if I would sell him the mug that I had just bought! I was quite taken aback and asked why did he want it? His story was a lovely one, about his wife and how she collects Emma Bridgewater mugs...I liked his story and returned home without the mug, but with a £5 note in my purse! I shall probably find out that it was a rare item and worth much more, but I am happy with my own spongeware creation from some years ago...

and I have £5, which will fund the great subscription offer for the next three issues of Mollie Makes magazine!

Back soon,




  1. Oh drat, I stood outside WH Smith today thinking "I'm sure there was something I was going to look for in there" but couldn't remember what. I won't get into town again until Friday so am hoping there will still be some around (and that I don't have another senior moment!)
    Carol xx

  2. Reading lots of blogs tonight - it seems I am the only blogger without a copy of this mag!!

    Which EB mug did you find?? I wonder if it was a rare one?

  3. WOW. Emma Bridgewater? £1? You lucky gal! Glad to hear you're enjoying the 1st issue of Mollie too :)

  4. I've heard so much positive feedback on this magazine I want it and don't even sew.
    Great blog by the way.

  5. My boss and I were looking with longing at this magazine on another blog post that she follows this morning, while we were supposed to be running the place!
    Your spongewear mug is lovely but I know how you feel about Emma Bridgwater as I love the mugs too - it's very generous of you to part with it even for a profit. xx