Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Pushing the right buttons

I use lots of vintage buttons and, in my various tins, jars and boxes, there are lots that have special memories attached to them...memories of people, occasions, and outfits...and I could never part with those.

I made this knitted flower brooch a while ago as a special order for a lady's 60th birthday. Its centre is filled with special buttons that her daughter had secretly taken from the button box...one with memories of her father, one from her first nurse's uniform, one from a cardigan that the children had worn as babies. So many people that I meet at fairs and markets reminisce about button tins and boxes that they used to play with as children...and I'm lucky enough to still be playing with buttons making things like this Ladybird Flower Corsage:

"Is that a Ladybird ladybird?" I was asked. You can imagine my delight...someone had spotted it! My Ladybird Flower Corsage had pushed all the right buttons with this lady! It is a button from a Ladybird dressing gown from many years ago...and the lady remembered how she had had that dressing gown...and how she just had to have my Ladybird Flower Corsage! Powerful things, buttons!

What's in your button tin?

Back soon,



  1. Those are really lovely - and I remember the Ladybird ladybirds! I have all of my grandmother's old buttons - hers was the most wonderful collection I have ever seen.

    Pomona x

  2. It's lovely how every button tells a story. I am the same with buttons. You're ladybird corsage is very pretty.

  3. I have 100's of buttons in my button tin that my Grandmother collected, I like to take them out sometimes and look at them (like a miser counting his money!)
    Love these brooches they are just lovely.

  4. Such a wonderful idea, I'm sure she will be very touched. So nice to make something pretty made out of memories.
    I love buttons and like you, there are some that I would never part with.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Isabelle x

  5. My dressing gown used to have Ladybirds on it when I was little. Thas so very lovely. I have my Grandma's 3 button tins. I love 'em. Great post!

  6. Hi there!
    I love buttons!
    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog when I was ill...very much appreciated!
    Love,Sal ;-)