Monday, 9 July 2012

The real value of handmade

I am always delighted to see what the ladies who come to my weekly crochet classes have been making - if you have ever looked at my Facebook page, you will have seen some of their wonderful work!  One lady, who joined as a complete beginner at the end of January, has just completed this amazing table cloth:

Beautifully crocheted in 4 ply mercerised cotton from an American pattern

35 squares, each taking about 2 hours to make, which means that 

if someone was being paid just the minimum wage to make this table cloth, it would cost more than £425 for the person's time alone, not to mention the materials!

So, when buying handmade, if somebody thinks that things are expensive, I would ask them to stop to think about time. How long did it take to make? Should the maker be paid less than the national minimum wage for his or her time?

This table cloth is not for will be treasured by the lady that made it and, to her, it is priceless!



  1. I wouldn't sell it as well, if I had made something as gorgeous as this. I understand your point of view. A labour of love like this would never be appreciated and payed its true value because people has this idea that just because it is handmade it has to be cheap.

  2. Hi Rebecca lovely to see you today and to catch up on your 'crafty' news.
    What a beautiful cloth, a true family heirloom.
    I agree that if we are buying direct from a person who has created something we know the price rarely compares to how much time and effort has gone in to it. I do have some difficulties if I see a high price being charged by a company on something marked "handmade" as I wonder if the person who has made it has received even a tenth of that price.
    Hope you'll pop over to my blog (I don't blog regularly, just when I've something to show or chat about!)
    Carol xx