Friday, 11 June 2010

The Devil Makes...gorgeous scarves!

Just before the bank holiday, I was lucky enough to be the winner of a giveaway on Facebook...and this week, a pretty pink parcel arrived, making a delightful change from the all the boring brown envelopes and bills!

Inside was a pale blue tissue paper parcel from the lovely Woo of The Devil Makes Work...

inside which was this beautiful Hand Felted Mohair, Merino & Cotswold Lock scarf!

The Devil Makes...gorgeous scarves - I love its emeraldy green colour (although it looks more turquoise in the photo!), which suits my auburn complexion perfectly! Thank you so much Woo!
The Devil Makes Work is one of many small businesses that are using social media to promote their work. If you like my gorgeous scarf, you might 'Like' The Devil Makes Work's page on Facebook...who knows, it could be you that is the next winner of one of the giveaways!
Speaking of giveaways, I am having a monthly giveaway for people that 'Like' my rebeccamaryjane's page on Facebook...June's giveaway is a Vintage Embroidery Handbag Mirror.
I do hope the sun shines this is June after all! If it gets any colder, I might be needing my new scarf!
Bye for now,


  1. Lucky You!
    I hope the sun shines too, it has been so cold this week!

  2. The scarf is beautiful love the colours as in the photo and I am sure that the actual emerald green colours are gorgeous too! Let's hope you don't have to wear it just yet though!

  3. Ahhhh, thanks Rebecca - just seen this. You are very welcome. I love those colours and having red hair myself I think they compliment red very well.