Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Happy Day!

It is my birthday today...and my wedding anniversary!

I am having a lovely day so far...I received this beautifully wrapped present from my daughter - I still do not know what's inside it! I am going to save it until later & just admire its wrapping for a little longer! I also received Michael Bublé's latest CD from my son, which I am so pleased with, especially as this is the first year that he has taken charge of his own birthday and Christmas shopping, using money that he has earned from his paper round, and without the intervention of his older and, of course, much wiser sister!!

On my wedding day, 19 years ago, the weather was not dissimilar to today's - damp, dark and cold! I was hoping that today would be drier and brighter as I have a stall at Auckley Christmas Street Market later today (4pm-9pm) - I shall try to remember to take some pictures of my stall this time!

Hubby has taken the day off work today and it's been a real treat to spend some time together, just the two of us, as weekends are usually so busy with us all going in different directions to rugby, craft fairs etc. We've been to the market this morning to buy some mackerel, which hubby will turn into a delightful anniversary supper for us both when I return cold and weary tonight! He's preparing baked potatoes for lunch as I type so not much of a "day-off" for him really, but lovely to have him around on our special day!

I had better check that I have everything packed for this afternoon...warm woollies, thick socks, gloves, scarf, flask...and, of course, lots and lots of rebeccamaryjane's goodies...Christmassy things, flower brooches, stocking fillers.......

Bye for now,



  1. Happy Birthday! And Happy Anniversary too! Does it help to get them both remembered, being on the same day? The mackerel supper sounds good. Enjoy your day!

  2. Congratulations, Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary.

  3. Happy Birthday, Rebecca!!
    Hope you have a wonderful day and lots of success at the market!

  4. Happy birthday and also happy happy happy wedding anniversary!
    Have a very lovely day!

  5. Congratulations Rebecca, hope you have enjoyed the rest of your birthday/anniversary.
    The weather hasn't improved much during the day, trust lots of people still turned up at the Auckley market.

  6. Well happy birthday to you and Happy anniversary to you both!

  7. Happy Birthday Rebecca, hope you had a lovely time? Do tell what was in your gorgeous present!!

    Sarah x

  8. Have a very happy Christmas (and hope the birthday was good)!

    Pomona x