Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Buttons & Flowers

One of my "things to do this year" is to try harder with this blog that I started nearly 4 years ago!  I have just about managed to keep up with Facebook and Twitter, but this has been sadly neglected.  I really don't know how others manage to juggle it all!  I am hopeful that my new camera will make it easier (and quicker) for me to keep things up to date so watch this space!  I have a smart camera that allows me to upload photos straight to social media sites...I just have to be smart enough to know how to use it properly!

Anyway, here I am!  A very belated Happy New Year to you all!  I  am so excited about all that I have planned for the year ahead...some things are business related and others are to do with home.  I hope to share it all with you here!

My first day workshop of 2013 will be taking place this is called Crochet Buttons & Flowers and I so looking forward to it.  The gorgeous colours I have been working with have really brightened up the cold, dark days we've having of late!   So, as you will see, I am still mad about buttons and flowers...


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