Wednesday, 5 September 2012


If you 'like' my rebeccamaryjane's Facebook page, you will know that I have a lovely, bright, new studio that I am in the process of moving into! A blank canvas, a fresh start, new things...

 As usual with moving, you never realise exactly how much stuff you have until you have to carry it all up and down lots of stairs and load it into and out the car!  There's been a lot of that over the last few weeks!  

My new studio at The Mac Gallery, 12a South Parade, Doncaster is much bigger, much lighter and far more suited to the direction in which I want to take my business than the room I had before.  I couldn't let the opportunity to rent this space pass by!

More stuff...and there's plenty more still to come so down the stairs we go

...and down again

I really couldn't have managed it without the help of my lovely family: here's helpful hubby, wishing I would stop taking photos and carry something!

Now that everything is there, I have started moving furniture around, unpacking and started to settle in

I might re-arrange the furniture again, but I do like my small work desk by the the window

The union flag bunting over the lovely old fireplace was carefully arranged by hubby in the early stages of the move.  He's not usually very creative so, as a sign of appreciation of his efforts, I shall keep it there for the time being!

I am so impressed with the amount of space!  I love it and I think that I will be very happy there!

 Just a few more things to sort out!

I'm so glad I chose to move, so glad the moving part is over and ready to move forward with all my plans for the future.



  1. All the best to you on your new venture! xx

  2. How exciting, good for you. You're not too far from me, I will have to pop in! I've had a little peek at your website too. I don't have a Facebook though. Happy Creating!
    Sally @Lavender Attic

    1. Thanks Sally. Do drop in if you're passing! x

  3. What a fabulous space Rebecca, I'm sure it will get your creative juices flowing even more.
    Read that the shop next to your old base collapsed, bet that was a shock to the ladies at Knit and Stitch.
    Carol xx