Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The best kind of post

A secondhand book I ordered from America and 10 packets of veg seeds I knew nothing about! 
(My lovely mum-in-law thought I might like them!)

Makes a nice change from bank statements and bills!


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

It was lovely to see sunshine and blue skies here on Sunday and we made the most of it by spending some much needed time in the garden.  All of the shrubs seem to have rocketed sky high with the all the water they've been getting, but the vegetable beds are not thriving as they should be.  I admit we were a little late with some of our planting, but we were picking peas, beans and carrots from the garden at this time last year. The peas have not come through at all,the beans look very sorry specimensand the green, feathery carrot tops are only just nudging up slowly from their rain-soaked bed.
Poor borlotti beans, but lovely looking lettuces
A clump of parsley has bolted, but I have to say I rather like the flowers! I will collect the seeds from them when they are ready as this variety has done really well in our garden and survived all through a Yorkshire winter!
The rhubarb has loved all the rain so I was able to cut quite a lot on Sunday to try out Nigella's recipe for rhubarb fool and to make a batch of rhubarb and vanilla jam, which is our absolute favourite rhubarb jam recipe!

Here it is releasing all its lovely juices into the sugar and taking on the flavour of the vanilla pod and seeds.  Old-fashioned I know, but I do love making jam!

I've been blocking some of my granny squares...yes, I am slowly, but surely, making a blanket for home.  An old foam seat cushion covered with a beach towel has made a perfect blocking board for my little 4" squares and, in a sunny bay window,it seems that it makes the perfect cat bed too!

Cheeky cat!

I needn't worry about the lack of peas for the time being...look what the boys brought back from rugby last night:

a huge box of full of peas from our kind farmer friends



Monday, 9 July 2012

The real value of handmade

I am always delighted to see what the ladies who come to my weekly crochet classes have been making - if you have ever looked at my Facebook page, you will have seen some of their wonderful work!  One lady, who joined as a complete beginner at the end of January, has just completed this amazing table cloth:

Beautifully crocheted in 4 ply mercerised cotton from an American pattern

35 squares, each taking about 2 hours to make, which means that 

if someone was being paid just the minimum wage to make this table cloth, it would cost more than £425 for the person's time alone, not to mention the materials!

So, when buying handmade, if somebody thinks that things are expensive, I would ask them to stop to think about time. How long did it take to make? Should the maker be paid less than the national minimum wage for his or her time?

This table cloth is not for will be treasured by the lady that made it and, to her, it is priceless!